5.1.16 | Assurance

Throughout much of John's letter, he frequently seeks to assure the members of the church that they are in Christ and that they can have assurance of their salvation. John knows these churches and he knows that they are in Christ. John provides three 'tests' to confirm that one is saved. These 'tests' are not the means of one's salvation but rather they are the signs that one is truly saved and on the path to glory. These 'tests' are theological, moral and social. In verses 3-14 John introduces the moral and social signs that indicate someone has come to genuine faith and therefore, may have assurance of their salvation.

Jesus Advocate For Sinners

God is infinitely holy and as such He cannot overlook our sin. If He did so He would cease to be holy, righteous, just and good. In order to deal with our sin and reconcile us to himself, He has put forth Jesus Christ, the Righteous One. Jesus has become an atonement for our sin through the sacrifice of his life on the cross. He absorbed and satiated the wrath of God that was rightly ours. And now, He stands as our advocate before the Father. Everyone who repents and is united to him by faith, has his righteousness credited to their account. The redeemed can have ongoing assurance of their salvation through a life of obedience to his commands, walking as He walked.

Fellowship With God

This week we were privileged to have Mike Beasely preach for us. Mike presently serves as a chaplain in our Armed Forces. Before that, Mike was in pastoral ministry. We are delighted to have Mike and his family apart of the Journey Church family.

Walking in the Light

The Apostle John, reiterates the message he received from Jesus, that God is light. God is truth, perfectly holy and in Him there is no sin at all. Therefore, when someone is united to God by faith, brought into the family of God, their lives are lived in the light. Christians live lives that are conformed to God's will and character. To say you are a Christian and fail to conform to Jesus' Word and life, is to lie. Anyone who does not surrender all areas of their life to Jesus is not walking in the light and should not have any confidence they shall receive eternal life. BUT if we walk in the light, the blood of Jesus cleanses us.

04.03.16 | The Reality of the Incarnation

The letters of John are written to a group of churches who are being threatened by heresy. In his letters to them, John writes to reaffirm the historical and spiritual reality of the incarnation of Jesus the Christ. Because God took on flesh in the person of Jesus and rose from the dead, the church can remain steadfast, immovable and confident in the face of heresy and other trendy but false doctrines. The reality of the incarnation is the reason we can have hope, joy and eternal life.

03.27.16 | The Power of the Gospel

In his letter to Timothy, Paul describes his prior way of life when the grace and mercy of Jesus reached him. He was a persecutor of Christians, a blasphemer, in his words, the foremost of sinners. And yet, even he was reached and changed by the power of the gospel. Jesus came into the world for this very purpose, to save sinners. The purpose of the incarnation and resurrection of Jesus was to bring eternal glory to God through the salvation of sinners. No one is too far gone. No one is beyond the reach and power of the gospel.

03.20.16 | Misunderstood Savior

Upon his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus is simultaneously celebrated and misunderstood. Many thought Jesus would come and overturn the Roman rule or shake up Judaism's leadership. But Jesus' coming to Jerusalem was for a far greater purpose. The incarnation and sacrifice of Christ was about to fulfill it's purpose, to bring glory to God through the redemption of sinners. Jesus came to Jerusalem to establish a new Kingdom by overthrowing sin and death.

03.13.16 | God's Story

Genesis is one story detailing God's creative work in forming the universe and his ongoing relationship with creation, most significantly, humanity. Genesis is not a collection of unrelated stories. Rather Genesis is composed of one grand meta-narrative detailing God's specific plan to glorify himself through humanity's redemption. As such, Genesis is timeless. Furthermore, most of the challenges and issues of our day are answered in Genesis. Thus, Genesis is exceptionally helpful in forging our worldview and our understanding of our purpose in God's story.

Faith from Afar

In the closing text of Genesis we see two very similar deaths both looking forward to fulfillments of God's promises to future generations. These narratives close the section of the patriarch's and leave Israel in Egypt - setting up the Exodus, Sinai and the Promised Land. While Genesis leaves us "in flight" within God's larger redemption of Israel it shows us the type of faith "not having received the things promised, but having seen them and greeted them from afar". Every generation of Christians, until Christ returns, will live and die in this same expectation of promise - which we can learn from these faithful men and trust based on the record of God's mighty deeds.

02.28.16 | A Father's Blessing

Before he dies, Jacob calls his sons to him and blesses his sons.

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