Peace and Pardon

Perhaps no other time of year is it easier to be distracted from Jesus and carried away by the culture than Christmas time. Tonight, we focus our attention on Jesus and the gifts he brings that neither break, spoil or leave us wanting. Jesus offers us the greatest gifts, peace and pardon.

Sovereignty, Humility and Glory in the Birth of Christ

In Luke’s account of the birth of Christ we learn much about the character and nature of God. We see the sovereign God working his plan to save his people for his glory through the humiliation of his son.

Confronting Our Idolatry

In Jesus' interaction with a rich young man, we see that Jesus directly confronts our deepest idolatry, if we choose to follow Jesus, we must lay down all our other idols. He will not allow us to love other gods and be His disciple.

Marriage, Divorce and Singleness

In this passage Jesus taught on the nature of marriage, the problem of divorce and the value of singleness. Christians are to view these things in a way that is radically different than the world.

God's Great Magnanimity

Jesus continues to teach his disciples about forgiveness and reconciliation through an incredible parable. We are all debtors unto God and He, being rich in mercy has forgiven us through the atoning work of Jesus' death and resurrection. We can be sure that our debt to God is canceled and atoned for by Jesus by the way we forgive and extend mercy to others.

The Cross and Christian Conflict

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Andrew Arthur as our guest preacher this morning. Dr. Arthur is the founding pastor of the Hallows Church in Fremont, Washington.


In Matthew 18, Jesus shares a beautiful parable that reveals God's character and His great love for us. God is a Redeemer. He seeks and he saves. Jesus is our good shepherd, seeking us who have gone astray.

Deadly Pride

After demonstrating tremendous humility, Jesus disciples get into an argument about who is the greatest among the disciples. Jesus uses a young boy to teach the disciples that unless the disciples repent of their pride and recognize their complete dependence on God, they will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Father to the Fatherless

This Sunday we will participate in Orphan Sunday. Orphan Sunday is an opportunity to join in with churches all over the world in learning about God's heart for the fatherless. This week we will thank God for the ways he is using our church and study Psalm 68:1-10. God is a Father to the fatherless.

Jesus' Identity and Humility

For the third time in a very short while, Jesus foretells his disciples of his impending death and resurrection. But rather than being in awe of this incredible prophecy of resurrection, the disciples are distressed. Shortly later, Jesus is accused of not paying the temple tax. But this accusation arises from not only malice, but also ignorance in regard to Jesus’ identity. Jesus’ response to this accusation demonstrates both humility and his true identity.

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