The Calling of a Father: Diligent in Discipleship

Fatherhood is a high calling with incredibly important responsibilities. Those responsibilities include God’s command to diligently teach their children biblical doctrine and to discipline them according to God’s Word.

Rest for the Heavy Laden

Jesus offers us an incredible invitation to come to him and find rest for our souls. This rest is the very thing we need. Too often we take on the yokes of the world and pain ourselves greatly. Jesus invites us to forsake the yoke of the world and of self-righteousness and instead take his easy yoke upon us.

Doubt, Faith and Repentance

In Matthew 11, John the Baptist is wrestling with doubt as a result of his imprisonment. Jesus responds with loving kindness and encourages John. But then pronounces judgment on those who reject both John and himself. Those who hear the gospel of the Kingdom and do not repent and believe in the one God has sent will be cast into Hell.

Behold I Am Sending You Out

Jesus sends out his disciples into the harvest with explicit instructions. Jesus commissions them with authority and the Spirit of God supplies their words in times of need. The work of a disciple of Jesus is to proclaim the Kingdom in spite of opposition. God rewards those who faithfully proclaim His message.

The Harassed Harvest

Jesus looks upon the crowds following him, filled with the sick, the blind even the demon possessed and he is filled with compassion for them. He looks out and sees what others do not, a harvest. And he is sending his disciples out to reap the harvest.

Motherhood: A Work Worthy of Praise

Women and motherhood are under attack in our culture and as a result, every facet of society and family suffers. Contrary to modern cultural opinion, motherhood is a high calling and worthy of praise. Today we look at Proverbs 31 and learn how biblical motherhood is Christlike and hence, brings glory to Christ.

Mercy, Not Sacrifice

In this passage Jesus shows us how the nature of the kingdom of God is incompatible with our self-righteousness.

Authority to Forgive

In this passage Jesus demonstrated yet another realm of his authority. He is the one who has the authority to forgive sins.

The power and authority of Jesus attracted large crowds and spectators in Matthew 8. Many expressed a desire to follow Jesus. Yet for many, what they were attracted to was not actually Jesus, but his power. Hence, when Jesus describes the cost of descipleship, many turn away.

Immediately after the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus validates his authority by healing many in Capernaum and the surrounding region. Jesus' power and authority transcend all disease, races and geography. He is Lord over all. His miracles are acts of loving kindness to those whom he heals and powerful confirmation that the Kingdom of God is present in his ministry.

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