Four Warnings

Jesus concludes the Sermon on the Mount with 4 warnings, Jesus forces each of us to make a decision about Him. He will not let us remain neutral. Either we choose to listen and obey Jesus or we reject Him and go our own way. The former leads to eternal life, the latter leads to destruction.

Looking for Jesus in All the Wrong Places

All of us are seeking, seeking relief, peace and redemption from the pains and battles of this life. Unfortunately, we turn to the things of this world to meet this need instead of Jesus. Jesus is the only one who can bring the peace and healing we so desperately need. Through his resurrection, Jesus has conquered over fear, pain and death. He has done it all. All that is left for us to do is to believe in and worship Him.

Behold, Your King is Coming To You

In Matthew 21:-17, Jesus enters Jerusalem as King, fulfilling all that the prophets foretold. He is the long awaited Son of David who declares his Kingship through healing, cleansing the temple and the fulfillment of prophecy. His Kingship is unlike any other.

God Responds

Jesus teaches his followers how to approach God, why they should have confidence when they approach God and how God’s response to them transforms their response to others.

How to Judge

In Matthew 7 Jesus warns against being judgmental. Often we focus on the failures of others before examining our own lives. Jesus teaches us how to properly judge others by first dealing with our own sin. Then we are able to help our brother see their faults. Rather than condemn judgment, Jesus teaches how to have proper judgment.

The Presence and Promise of God

Jesus knew we would face challenges as we strive to entrust our lives to Him and live as faithful disciples. Having already addressed anger, lust, deceit, vengeance, hypocrisy, and greed, this week we see Jesus working even deeper into our hearts as He calls us to trust him with even our most basic physical needs.

Two Kinds of Treasure

Jesus had much to say about money and possessions. His followers who seek his kingdom are not to pursue earthly treasures but are to pursue something of eternal value. Through this passage we are challenges to consider the desires of our hearts.

Motivation for Righteousness

In this passage Jesus continued to teach how the righteousness of his followers must exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees. We see clearly that mere external righteousness is no righteousness at all. The passage challenges us to examine our own motivations for performing righteous acts.

All of us get better than we deserve from God. None of us gets what we deserve. Because of God’s mercy and Fatherhood over us, we, God’s children, must be merciful and loving to others, even our enemies.

Adultery, Lust and Contentment

With the same veracity, Jesus examines lust as the root of adultery. Adultery flourishes in the discontented heart. Purity needs to be pursued with vigilance and passion.

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