A Model For Prayer

During the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus graciously teaches teaches us how to pray. He also teaches us how not to pray. Our prayers are not to be ostentatious or mindless repetition, but rather sincere petitions to our Heavenly Father. This week we examine the first half of the Lord's prayer and learn how to pray such that our prayers are radically God-centered.

CG Questions

  1. Jesus teaches us to pray by first teaching us what not to do. And in so doing, He addresses a common pitfall of the Jews in that time and the Gentiles. What are habits or aspects we need to stop or change in our prayers?
  2. Jesus presumes we will give money, pray and fast. His concern is about how we do this. What does He say about all three in Matthew chapter 6 regarding motive?
  3. What does the first half (v. 9-10) of Jesus’ prayer focus on? What does the second half (v. 11-13) of the prayer focus on? What does this tell us about how we should pray?
  4. If you were to evaluate your prayers based on this model of prayer, in what areas would you say your prayers are lacking or imbalanced?
  5. What does it mean to pray “Hallowed be your name”? Is this praise or petition?
  6. What impact does the reality of having God as Father have on our prayers?