A Righteous Remnant

After the flood, the waters recede and God leads Noah and his family safely out of the ark. God has graciously preserved a righteous remnant according to his purposes. Noah responds to the Lord in obedient worship for the salvation he has received.

Discussion Questions

  • What does it mean that the Lord ‘remembered Noah’?
  • Why did Noah send forth the raven and then the dove?
  • What parallels with Genesis chapter one do you see in Genesis chapter 8?
  • Has God’s purpose for man and the earth changed?
  • What does God desire for the earth?
  • What’s the net result after the flood?
  • How did Noah respond to the salvation of the Lord?
  • How should we respond to the salvation of the Lord? Do you sometimes take for granted what the Lord has done for you in and through Christ?
  • Why was the Lord pleased with Noah’s offering? Is there a wrong way to offer sacrifices?
  • Is it possible for the Lord to be displeased with our worship? How and why do we worship in a false or non-God honoring way?