A Unique Privilege

Prayer is vital and central to the Christian life. Prayer is a unique privilege in which we draw near through the work of Jesus, to God our Father to intentionally convey a message to God. In prayer we engage and encounter God.

CG Questions

 1. Write out a thoughtful, biblically informed definition of prayer having at least one Scripture reference for support. Share your definition of prayer with the group. What are common denominators among the definitions of prayer in your group?

2. How does the understanding and conviction that God is our Father shape and effect our prayer life? Why is this truth so significant?

3. What categories of prayer (types of prayer) are frequently absent from your prayers? For example, praise, thanksgiving, confession etc. Why do you think these categories are absent?

4. According to Romans 8, what is the role of the Holy Spirit in our prayers?

5. What are helpful tips for a healthy prayer life? For example, reading and meditating on the Word of God before praying.