A Weeping Savior

After prophesying to his disciples about what lies ahead, Jesus intentionally heads to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. But Jesus has come to do more than celebrate the Passover. He has come to offer himself as the final sacrifice for sin. And as He comes over the top of Mount Olivet and sees the city, Jerusalem, He chooses to enter the city as a humble Savior according to the words of Zechariah. His heart is open, ready to receive all who will come to him.

CG Questions:

  1. Why did Jesus choose to go to Jerusalem? How is his intentionality expressed?
  2. What brings Jesus to tears? What does this reveal about his heart?
  3. What is it Jesus desires for the people had done?
  4. Read John 6:28-29 and Matthew 16:24-26. What must we do to be saved? What are Jesus’ terms of peace?
  5. What holds people back from coming to Jesus? What is holding you back from coming to him?
  6. When you think about coming to Jesus, drawing near to him, how do you think He will respond? How does Scripture and Jesus himself say He will respond?