Advancing the Kingdom

At the start of every new year, we focus on the vital role of prayer in our spiritual life and in advancing the Kingdom of God. Prayer is the means by which the gospel and the Kingdom of God advances in us and in the world. In other words, prayer is God’s appointed means by which His will is accomplished, gospel is advanced and his Kingdom grows and spreads.

Community Group Questions

  1. Upon reflection, how would you describe your prayer life right recently?
  2. What are hindrances to your prayer life? (don't focus on external hindrances/excuses but focus on more personal hindrances. For example, lack of desire or discouragement, etc.)
    What needs to be repented of?
  3. What is an example of answered prayer in 2020?
  4. Which example of God advancing his mission through prayer from the sermon was most meaningful or encouraging to you? And why
  5. What do you think God wants to do through you in 2021 that needs to undergirded with prayer?
  6. How can you resolve to make strides in your prayer life in 2021?