An Introduction to the Psalms

This week we start a new sermon series in the Psalms. The Psalms are fascinating! The Psalms often poetically express many of our deepest feelings, thoughts and longings. And God intends for them to play a perpetual role in the life of the church. This week we will study the introduction to the Psalms which introduce us to the overall themes of the entire book of Psalms: God's instruction and His coming King.

For a quick introduction to the Psalms, check out this great video made by The Bible Project. Read Scripture Series: Psalms

CG Questions:

  • How have you used or read the Psalms in the past? What did you appreciate or enjoy about them?
  • What role should the Psalms play in the life of a Christian today? How should the Psalms be used today and how can the Psalms be an encouragement to us?
  • Why is it significant that Jesus quotes the Psalms more than any other book?
  • Upon reading the first two introductory Psalms, what does the editor (the one who arranged the order of the psalms) want us to do? What is the appropriate response to God’s Word in these Psalms?
  • Watch The Bible Project Video on Psalms and discuss