Be Strong In Adversity

The Bible is full of commands to protect the vulnerable and defend the oppressed because God loves every single person made in his image and He is just. Hence, He commands his people to act justly and even to rescue others from oppression and death. His people are to do so in the strength of his might and to the glory of God. 

  1. Where do we see the sanctity of life assaulted in our culture and in our communities? What are the common threads, common assumptions and or worldview that seeks to justify these assaults?
  2. How can we be strong (or strengthen ourselves) in the day of adversity? 
  3. What does it practically look like to rescue those being taken away to death, those stumbling to the slaughter?
  4. Why do you think God wants to use us?
  5. How can we affirm the dignity of every human being?
  6. In what ways have you turned a blind eye or acts as if "we did not know this"(v.12)?
  7. What are ways you have advocated and intervened on behalf of the oppressed or perishing? And how does God want to use you moving forward?
  8. We often take too lightly the promise of reward. What effect do you think Jesus' wants his words to have on us when He speaks of repaying and or rewarding us?