Believing Is Seeing

This morning in our text, Jesus returns to the region in which He grew up. And sadly, many there are filled with an insincere faith in Jesus. Rather than being in awe of who Jesus is, many are instead excited and enthusiastic about the miracles Jesus performs. But Jesus has come back to this region such that He might cultivate genuine faith in the hearts of the people. And He does just that as He is confronted by a father whose son has a life threatening illness. His son is at the brink of death and as a father, he is desperate. This father, seeks out the Lord and he receives from the Lord a double blessing-true faith and the healing of his son.

CG Questions

  1. What does Jesus mean when He says “a prophet has no honor in his hometown”?
  2. Why do you think the official came to Jesus personally rather than sending a servant or family member?
  3. How can we hold fast to God and his Word in the midst of a personal crisis?
  4. Why is it crucial to believe in Jesus for who He is rather than for what He can do for us in life’s crisis?
  5. Contrast the faith of the Samaritans with the Galileans. Why might we suspect the Samaritans faith as superior?
  6. What do we learn about Jesus from this text?
  7. Where is God calling you to exercise faith and trust his Word?
  8. Is there anything you are failing to trust God in because you want to see before you believe?