Bitter Honey

The Bible describes the voice of temptation like bitter honey. The temptation to sin promises to be sweet but in the end is like bitter wormwood, poisoning the soul. In Proverbs 5, Solomon goes to great lengths to warn his son about the dangers of sexual sin. Nothing is able to bring people to ruin quite like illicit sexual passion. Therefore, whether you are single or married, the Bible equips us with strategies for resisting sexual sin.

CG Questions:

  1. What steps have you taken to prevent sexually explicit material from being accessible to you and or your children?
  2. Explain the concept that adultery starts in the heart.
  3. What is the instruction of Proverbs 5:8 when it comes to sexual temptation? What does fleeing temptation look like?
  4. What messages does the culture send regarding sexual temptation and sin?
  5. How does the Bible not condemn sexual desire but rightly order it? And what is the fruit of submitting to God’s Word in this area?