Blessed Is The King

Each of us, whether we realize it or not, long for a king. Like the Israelites before us, our hearts cry out for a king, for someone to lead us, for someone to provide and protect us, for someone to entrust ourselves to who is fully trustworthy and capable. Jesus is that King. Prior to his triumphant entry into Jerusalem, Jesus' teaching, authority and power have revealed his true identity. He is the Messiah, God's anointed One. And He has come to rescue sinners by becoming a crucified King.

CG Questions

  • How do we know Jesus entered Jerusalem in an intentional, purposeful way?
  • In what ways has Jesus demonstrated He is the King of Creation? And what was the goal of these demonstrations?
  • What are evidences of creation groaning under the curse of sin? How shall creation welcome Christ when He comes again?
  • What prevents the Pharisees from rejoicing in Jesus’ arrival?
  • What differences are there between Jesus’ first coming and his second?
  • Where in your life do you resist his authority?