Bread from Heaven

This week we study John's description of Jesus' 4th sign, the feeding of the five thousand. None of the physical miracles Jesus performed was an end in itself. They all point to something more about him and about the Kingdom of God. And this sign is no different. The feeding of five thousand shows that Jesus is the supplier of our need. Christ has always been the perfect provider of his people’s needs. Indeed, He is the true shepherd that satisfies his sheep.

Community Group Questions:

  1. Compare John 6:1-15 with Exodus 16. How are these two accounts similar and different? What is Manna?
  2. Why is the comment from John telling us this miracle took place during the Passover significant?
  3. What is the main point of this sign?
  4. What does Jesus say is the reason for the crowds interest in him? (see verses 2 and 26) What does the crowds desire reveal about their hearts?
  5. What is the danger of seeking Jesus for anything other than who He is? Are there times you have desired Jesus for what He can do or provide and not who He is?
  6. What is the purpose of our faith being tested? How has God tested your faith? Share examples.
  7. In what scenarios are you doubting that God is going to work? Or that there is too little to work with?
  8. Are you often more like Philip or like Andrew? How can we emulate Andrew who brought all he had to Jesus?
  9. Why do you think Jesus asked them to collect what was left over?
  10. After this miracle the crowds what to use Jesus for their own desires. In what ways do you do the same?