Content Regardless of Circumstance

In the second half of 1 Corinthians 7, Paul speaks about Christian contentment, regardless of our lot. And vital to experiencing contentment in our lives is understanding the call of God towards us. Paul argues that true, holy, lasting contentment does not come by way of vocational change or change in social status. Rather, Christian contentment comes from understanding the call of God towards us. Our earthly status is inconsequential when it comes to living for Christ and being satisfied in him. Furthermore, Paul affirms Christian freedom as it relates to marriage and lends his advice on how presently engaged couples should proceed. Believers in Christ are free to marry or remain single, each circumstance has its own spiritual advantages. But whoever marries must marry a fellow believer in the Lord.

Community Group Questions

  1. Paul instructs us to lead the life that has been assigned to us. How are you doing at that? Are you accepting the life the Lord has assigned to you or resisting it or resentful of it?
  2. Why is vocation, social status or circumcision no longer of spiritual significance? On what basis can Paul say do not be concerned about being a slave?
  3. While Paul affirms that there is Christian freedom to marry or remain single, what are some reasons Paul prefers singleness to marriage?
  4. What is something new you have learned from this text about the effect of being united to Christ as it pertains to singleness, marriage and vocation?