Don't Be Shaken

Paul is writing to a church that is suffering doubts and is thrust into confusion. So he writes to bring stability to their instability by reiterating several truths to anchor their life in.

CG Questions

  1. What circumstances in your life have caused a crisis of belief for you? What helped you persevere?
  2. What has caused confusion in the church at Thessalonica?
  3. What approach does Paul take to comforting them and stabilizing them?
  4. Read Romans 8:29-39. What comforts do you take from this text?
  5. How does the doctrine of God's election provide comfort, confidence and security?
  6. Have there been moments in your life where you knew God was sustaining your faith, keeping you when you felt nearly hopeless? If so, share your experience.
  7. Knowing our final outcome is glory, how does that shape our lives now? In what ways does this truth about our future transform our present reality?
  8. How does Paul want the church to respond to his words of encouragement?