Doubt Turned to Joy

No one expected a resurrected Jesus. The women and disciples who watched Jesus be crucified and die, mourned and wept. They had no hope. None. And even after they saw the resurrected Christ, it took many proofs to convince them that Jesus is alive. He turned their mourning to doubt and then to joy. And his resurrection changes everything about everything.

Community Group Questions

  • Jesus frequently and repeatedly told his Disciples what was going to happen to Him.  List some examples of Jesus doing this.  How is it they heard him but didn't understand? How is it we hear the word of God and at times don't understand or grasp the reality or truth of what God is saying to us?
  • We have the great advantage of reading all of the account of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection in retrospect and with unified eye-witness account.  Placing yourself in the disciples' shoes.  Why do you think they struggle to believe Jesus was truly resurrected?
  • What proofs did Jesus give that he was really alive and resurrected?
  • Why is it not plausible to believe the disciples invented the story of the resurrection?
  • When most famous people die their grave or tomb becomes an attraction, frequently visited by their followers or tourists.  How and why is it that Jesus, the most famous person in history, does not have a grave or tomb associated with him?
  • How does the reality of the resurrection reorient our lives, give us hope and reform our sufferings?