Easing Anxiety

The Christian is not promised an easy life yet Paul commands the Philippians not to be anxious but at all times to rejoice in the Lord. Despite the trials and suffering we experience, we are exhorted to trust in the Lord’s sovereignty and goodness rather than doubt His plans and control. Such doubts lead to worry which underestimates God’s power, care, and knowledge of our situation. The antidote to anxious living is faithful prayer. The Lord uses prayer to direct our needs, correct our priorities, and increase our joy. The end result of His Spirit working within the faithful Christian is a peace that endures, guards, and comforts.

Community Group Questions

1. What motivates you or energizes you for some activity or goal?

2. How should we interpret Paul’s exhortation to the Philippians to rejoice always and be anxious about nothing? Is he pointing to an unattainable ideal or a true challenge?

3. What causes us to worry about our circumstances and how might your response be offensive to God?

4. How does prayer, supplication, and thanksgiving protect a Christian from anxiety?

5. What practices are a help to build our faith in God’s attributes and promises?