Failure to Thrive

In 1st Corinthians 3, Paul, like a master physician, properly diagnoses the spiritual condition of the believers in Corinth. Although they were converted years ago, they remain 'infants in Christ' because they are filled with pride and jealousy and have absorbed the values and priorities of the culture around them. They are largely, immature disciples of Christ. So Paul rebukes them, addresses the root of their pride and calls them to maturity. Through Paul, we are challenged to shed our worldly ways and press on to maturity in Christ.

CG Questions:

1. How can someone be a believer and fleshly at the same time?

2. What is needed in your life to move from spiritual milk to spiritual food? i.e. to mature in your discipleship?

3. What was the source of divisiveness in Corinth? What is often the source of divisiveness in your home or relationships?

4. How does Paul say we should view our spiritual teachers and leaders? Why is it important we do so?

5. What does it mean that the Lord will give "wages" according to each's labor?

6. Where is Paul wanting to direct our praise, our boasting, our focus?