Fulfill Your Unique Ministry

Motherhood is a high calling. And the primary tasks of a godly mother are to commend the works of God to the next generation. The role and value of motherhood cannot be overstated. Mothers are invaluable, their worth is incalculable and their effects eternal. I cannot think of a more valuable calling! May the Lord grant you all joy and success, may God himself strengthen you as you raise your children to know and fear the Lord.

CG Questions

1. How can we be mindful and supportive of those for whom Mother's Day is a difficult, hard day?

2. In what specific areas do you need to remain mindfully alert (sober-minded) to false narratives of what successful motherhood consists of? What are the sources of false narratives?

3. What hardships in parenting are the most difficult for you personally? What are the effects (good and bad) of these hardships?

4. What has been the most effective means of communicating the gospel to your children? What tools can you recommend? What stories of success of getting the truth of the gospel into the hearts of your children?                                         

5. In what areas of parenting are you in need of support? How can the church family encourage one another and strengthen one another?