God's Chosen People

In this week's text we witness God confirming His covenant with Abram and expanding on the goodness and fullness of this covenant. We are also introduced to the sign of the covenant (circumcision) that will serve as an assurance of God's promised blessings down through the generations of Abram's descendents. Ultimately, we will see that there is no greater blessing or more gracious gift than to be counted among God's people.

Community Group Questions

To be counted among God’s people is truly remarkable.  As with Abram, God at one time sought out each of us who have placed our faith in Christ and made us His people.  Take time as a group to share your personal testimonies and celebrate what God has done and is doing in your life.  If you have not placed your faith in Christ as you listen to others sharing their experiences I pray you would be moved by seeing the Gospel at work and respond.  Briefly, takes turns answering the following questions:

  • Before accepting Christ, what did your life revolve around the most? What did you get your security or happiness from?

  • When did you receive Christ (or give Him complete control)? What changed in your thinking and led you to accept Christ?

  • After you accepted Christ (or gave Him complete control of your life), what are you specific changes you see in your life and thinking? How are you now motivated differently?