God's Covenant With Noah

After leaving the ark, Noah offers a sacrifice in worship to the Lord. God receives this sacrifice and establishes his covenant with Noah and all creation. The Noahic covenant is very similar to the covenant God had with Adam. In the covenant, God promises to never again to judge the earth through water or universal flood and gives instructions for the preservation of life on the earth.

Community Group Questions
• What is the proper response to God for being redeemed, saved by God? What are the wrong ways we are tempted to respond to God?
• We read of some sacrifices being accepted by the Lord and others rejected. What leads the Lord to reject a sacrifice? For example, Isaiah 1:11-17.
• What is a covenant? What other covenants are there in Scripture?
• Who did God establish his covenant with?
• Compare and contrast the Noahic and Adamic covenants.
• Why does the Lord want the earth to be filled with life?
• Is the condition of man’s heart changed after the flood? Does this mean the flood was ineffective?
• How will God ultimately remedy man’s sinful condition and heart?
• What are the threats that God addresses that man faces after the flood?
• What is the sign of the Noahic covenant? What is symbolized in the sign?