God’s loving faithfulness

n the opening Chapters of Joshua we have seen Israel–under Joshua's leadership–cross the Jordan river and take their first steps into Canaan. In Joshua 5:1-12, Israel is on the brink of the conquest of Canaan, however their priority is not military preparedness, but spiritual preparedness. In these verses, we will witness this latest generation of Israel pause to reaffirm their covenantal relationship with God.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How would you describe the difference between a contract and covenant? (Think Netflix or gym membership vs. marriage or church membership)
  2. Why was it important that Israel was be circumcised "a second time"?
  3. If obedience doesn't cause God's blessings to flow, what is the benefit of obedience? What is the true source of God's blessing?
  4. Share an example of how you have personally experienced God's loving faithfulness.
  5. What's new about the new covenant?
  6. Take turns sharing with the group how our study of these verses prompts you to pray. Then, pray for each other to that end.