Good News of a Great Joy

God makes our joy possible in our earthly circumstances by directing us to place our joy not in things but in Him. He offers us Joy in Christ and joy in Christ is the highest and most satisfying joy.That is why the message of Christmas is one of profound joy. Christmas is good news of a great joy. A great joy that will endure this season and every season into eternity. A joy that is steadfast and immovable. A joy that our hearts long for. A joy that satisfies like nothing else.  

CG Questions:

  1. The word ‘gospel’ means good news. Articulate in your own words the good news of the gospel?
  2. How can we cultivate joy in our lives?
  3. What robs you of joy? And how can you address these joy-robbing thoughts with truth?
  4. What works does Jesus do to accomplish your joy, joy now in this life and the life to come?
  5. What joys will we have in Heaven that we do not have now? If we focus our attention on such things now, what impact will that have on us?