Growing In Faith

Paul writes a second time to the church in Thessalonica to strengthen their faith in the midst of great suffering. He praises God that their faith is not failing, but growing. We learn from their example, that faith in Christ is not static, but dynamic. Furthermore, our faith can and should be growing no matter our earthly circumstances.

Community Group Questions

  1. 2020 was a year of inconvenience and trials, and for some, significant suffering. What impact did these circumstances have on your faith throughout the year?
  2. Discuss Hebrews 11:1. 
  3. Everyone has 'faith' in something. What sets Christian faith apart?
  4. Are we saved by the quantity and strength of our faith or the object of our faith?
  5. What behaviors, thoughts or attitudes are inhibiting your faith from growing?
  6. How can you grow and strengthen your faith in the coming year?
  7. How does addressing our fears and doubts strengthen our faith? Why is it important to be driven by our thinking/thoughts rather than our feelings?
  8. Everyone wants a faith that will endure in crisis. But how do you get such faith?