Hated For The Sake of Christ

Jesus is preparing his disciples for his departure. The world has largely rejected his revelation of the Father and his Word. As a result, the hatred of the world for Christ will lead them to crucify him. Before He is arrested, Jesus shares with his disciples that as they bear witness to him and bear his Name, the world will also hate them. Persecution is coming. The disciples will be hated for Christ's sake. Jesus shares this prophetic word with his disciples so that they will not fall away when the persecution comes. But rather remember Jesus has told them what is to come and have their faith in him strengthened, not weakened through persecution. And as we reflect over the course of church history, we realize this prophetic word from Jesus was true not just for the Apostles, but for the church at large. 

CG Questions

  1. How does our upbringing in the American church stunt or hinder our understanding of this passage of Scripture?
  2. Why does the world hate Christ?
  3. Have you ever suffered for your faith? Do you expect to suffer from your faith? How do you respond if and when you do suffer for your faith in Christ?
  4. What does it mean to be ‘not of the world’ (15:19)?
  5. How does Jesus’ revelation of the Father compound the world’s guilt and sin?
  6. How does Jesus words to his disciples keep them from falling away (16:1)?
  7. What forms of persecution come to followers of Christ here and abroad?
  8. What can we do to prepare for opposition?