Healed Through Prayer

This is our twelfth and final sermon in our series on prayer. We are wrapping up our series by examining the concluding exhortations in James chapter 5. James teaches us that regardless of our circumstance, the proper response is prayer. We should take every concern to our Sovereign Lord. James brings specific attention to those who are suffering or sick. Prayer is the prescribed antidote to our suffering and sickness. Through prayer and petition we receive from God the strength, stamina and healing- physical and spiritual- that we need.

CG Questions:

  1. Why should we pray when we are suffering or in trouble?
  2. Why should we confess our sins to one another? What does this protect us from? And what does this produce?
  3. What prevents confession of sin within the body of Christ?
  4. Is sickness caused by sin? Share biblical texts to support your opinion.
  5. Contrary to excluding a wayward brother, we must pursue him. How do you bring back someone who has wandered from the truth?