Hindrances to Answered Prayer

We all go through trying times when it doesn’t seem that God is near, or that he is not answering our prayers. More often than not, we find in hindsight that God was there all along - comforting us, guiding us and protecting us. We were just unable to see it because of the circumstances we were in. But are there times when God is actually not answering us? Times when our relationship with God is so broken that we are not communicating? Sadly, yes. Today, we are going to look at two portions of Scripture where we are told that God is not answering us, and the reasons why. The good news is this is not a death sentence! God desires a reconciled relationship with us when our actions have damaged that relationship, and He has provided a way back.

CG Questions

  1. How do we see our worldly passions creating fights and quarrels among us?  Do we have any examples?
  2. Are there areas in your life that need God’s intervention, but rather than asking Him you have determined to take care of yourself?
  3. What does it look like to submit yourself to God and resist the devil?  Do you have experiences in your life where you can relate to this?
  4. Why does James ask us to turn our laughter into mourning and our joy into gloom?  What is the point God is making here?
  5. Specifically to husbands or those that will become husbands - how do we live with our wife with understanding?  How do we (or should we) honor her?
  6. Why does Peter single this particular sin (husbands not honoring their wives) as a reason that our prayers would be hindered?