Holy And Fearsome Is Our God

God commands Israel to go to war with the 7 nations who are occupying the Promise Land. These people are seen as trespassers in the eyes of the Lord for He had promised to give this land to Israel. These enemies Israel would face were more numerous and powerful than Israel. But that was not to be a cause for concern or worry. God would honor his covenant promises and give his people strength for victory to take possession of the promise land. 

  1. What was at risk for Israel if they did not obey God’s instructions as they moved into the promise land?
  2. Why did God judge the nations occupying the promise land? Did they get worse than they deserved from God?
  3. Does this text create a crisis of faith for you? Why or why not?
  4. What sort of battles do Christians face today? And how should they engage in them? How should Christians fight against their sin?
  5. Why does God’s judgment and hell exist?
  6. What are other biblical examples of God’s stunning judgment and how do they point forward to the Day of Judgment? What can we learn from them?
  7. God does not compromise with evil. Do you see this as a beautiful thing?