How To Prepare For The Lord's Return

In their exchange of letters, the Thessalonians ask the Apostle Paul the question we all want an answer to, when will the Lord return? Paul teaches them that the Day of the Lord will come unexpectedly and that for Christians, our focus needs to be on making ourselves ready for his appearing, not on dates. He further encourages them that they need not fear the Day of the Lord. For some it will lead to judgment, but for them, it will lead to their full salvation and even greater union with Christ.

CG Questions:

  1. What does the Old Testament teach about the Day of the Lord? See Daniel 12, Joel 2:21-32; Obadiah 15-21; Zechariah 14:1-21.
  2. Why do you think the Thessalonians had anxiety over the Day of the Lord?
  3. How is the Day of the Lord going to be similar to the days of Noah? See also Matthew 24.
  4. What does Paul exhort the Thessalonians to in vv.6-8? What does it look like for us to live this way?
  5. What are the things you can become enchanted with in this world that lead you to live as if this world was your true home? 
  6. Paul once again references spiritual armor. What does it mean to 'put on the breastplate of faith and love, and for a helmet the hope of salvation'?
  7. Share with your community group the verses that give you encouragement and hope when you are afflicted and or grieving.
  8. When you encounter suffering, are you tempted to believe it is God's wrath? Is this true? How do you know?
  9. It is hard to overstate the emphasis in the New Testament on loving, encouraging and building one another up. Practically, what does this look like? Have you ever intentionally sought to build another up? Have you received this from another? What happens if this is lacking within the church?