Instructions For When We Gather

Paul continues instructing the Thessalonians in how to conduct themselves when they come together to worship the Lord. And he encourages them with the wonderful truth that God is working in and through them to sanctify them. Their growth in holiness is sure for God is faithful.

CG Questions

  1. How should the church determine how it worships the Lord? In addition to the Bible, where can we look for instruction?
  2. Many charismatic churches prize and pursue what they would refer to as a 'Spirit filled spontaneity' in their worship services. Is this biblical? What are the dangers of doing so?
  3. What does it mean to 'rejoice always' as a congregation? How does this get expressed in the worship gathering?
  4. Are you prone to grumble rather than give thanks? If yes, why? How can you cultivate a heart of thankfulness? Why is grumbling not befitting a Christian nor a gathering of God's people?
  5. How were the Thessalonians quenching or extinguishing the Spirit? 
  6. If someone were to stand up on Sunday and begin to prophecy, how should the church respond?
  7. What does it mean to be sanctified? How do we become sanctified? Is our sanctification God's work or ours? 
  8. Why should a lack of sanctification be concerning? And if that's you, what should you do?