It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

In this week's verses Paul is addressing false teaching regarding "the day of the Lord" that has taken root at the church at Thessalonica. Many at the church are have come to believe that the day of the Lord–that great day of judgment–is upon them. While the source of this teaching is unclear its effect is clear: Great distress throughout the church. What we will see in these verses is Paul’s attempt to comfort and reassure the church by refuting the false claim and reminding them of about the sequence of events that necessarily proceed the Lord’s return.

Discussion Questions

  1. Take turns sharing with the group particular truths in scripture you find especially comforting?
  2. Describe a time when you found it difficult to find comfort in the promises of scripture because of difficult circumstances?
  3. When you reflect on the day when Jesus returns or calls you home, are there areas of your life were you desire to see greater growth before that day? Take turns sharing with the group and encouraging one another in these areas.
  4. How does your study of these verses impact the way you relate to others within the church? Those you know who have not accepted Christ?
  5. Take turns sharing with the group how our study of these verses prompts you to pray. Then, pray for each other to that end.