Jesus, Friend Of Sinners

In a text not originally included in the Gospel of John, we get a glimpse of our glorious and gracious Savior. In the midst of a trap the scribes and Pharisees intended for evil, Jesus provides a beautiful display of God's love for wayward, sinful people. Jesus, throughout his earthly ministry was a friend of sinners. Indeed He came to seek and to save the lost. Perhaps this is nowhere made more clear, than in this interaction with an adulteress woman.

CG Questions

  1. How should we think about this text knowing that it was not originally part of the gospel of John?
  2. What was the goal of the scribes and Pharisees in bringing this woman to Jesus?
  3. What did the Law of Moses really call for in this case? See Deuteronomy 22 and 13.
  4. What stands out to you about this “case” brought before Jesus? What influences from our modern western culture affect our understanding of this text?
  5. Should we assume from Jesus’ remark to the scribes and Pharisees that we must be perfect before we make a judgment on another? If not, what is He saying?
  6. Why do you think the older men left first?
  7. How can Jesus say “neither do I condemn you”?