Jesus Is The Light Of The World

Jesus does not merely reflect light, or produce light.  Jesus IS light.  In this morning’s message, we will explore what it means for Jesus to be light in our world and in our lives. May God use us to reflect Jesus’ light into the dark world around us!

CG Questions

  1. The Bible says much about “Light.”  Considering the light from the sun or lamps, list some advantages to light over darkness?
  2. Taking the list you just created, how does Jesus accomplish these things spiritually in the life of a believer?
  3. What are some ways you can reflect the Light of Jesus in your neighborhood, your family, your school or your workplace?
  4. Have you ever been led onto rabbit trails while trying to share the gospel with someone?  How have you succeeded (or failed) to return to the main point?
  5. Jesus claimed that the Jewish Leaders would continue to seek him after he was gone (vs 21).  We know that with a very few exceptions, the Jewish Leaders did not seek after Jesus.  So what might Jesus have been referring to here?
  6. John concludes his recounting of this event by stating that “many believed in him.”  What in Jesus’ words here (notice he had not performed any miracles in this exchange) do you think led many to believe?  How can we incorporate this account into our own evangelism?