Jesus, Our Joy

Isaiah 55 is a call from God to stop pursuing lesser, ultimately unsatisfying things of this world and turn to Him to be satisfied. God is not some cosmic killjoy. God wants us to be filled with joy. And He knows that He is what our souls long for. Therefore, in Isaiah 55, God reveals his people's folly in chasing after the world and offers us forgiveness of sin, compassion and lasting joy forevermore. You are invited to come to God and drink deeply of his presence and goodness and allow your souls to be overwhelmed by joy.

CG questions:

1.      What is it that you think will bring you joy? In other words, fill in the blank, ‘If I only had __________ then I would really be happy (satisfied)’. What are you chasing that is fruitless or meaningless?

2.      What does the Lord offer in Isaiah 55 and to whom?

3.      How and why does forsaking our way and returning to the Lord, calling upon Him produce joy?

4.      What is required or needed for us to forsake our way and return to God? What obstacles stand in your way?

5.      God pledges to make his followers exceedingly joyful. Do you believe that? Do you hope for that? Do you revel in what that might be like?