Jesus our Steadfast Hope

We all need hope. Without hope we despair. So we will instinctively seek out people or things to hope in, a relationship, our health, job security, but eventually, all of these things will fail us. None of them can stand up under the crushing weight of our hope. Our God is a God of hope. A God who keeps his Word, a God who is trustworthy and powerful, fully capable to accomplish all He has said He will do. And the incarnation of Jesus is proof of this. Through Jesus, the promises of God come to fruition. And it is by believing in Jesus and his resurrection that we can have hope, hope that can withstand any earthly trial or affliction.

CG questions:

1. What's the difference between positivity and hope?

2. What are things you have hoped in that have let you down? What are things or people you are hoping in now?

3. Why is the resurrection of Jesus grounds for hope despite our possibly difficult present circumstances?

4. How does hope increase?

5. What role does the Holy Spirit play in making us hopeful?