Jesus, Our True Temple

In chapters 2-4, Jesus encounters 4 Jewish institutions and shows that He is the fulfillment or the true reality to which they all point. This morning we examine, the 2nd of those four institutions, the temple. As Jesus comes to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, He enters the temple and finds not holy adoration and prayer, but noisy commerce. Overcome with zeal for his Father's house, Jesus cleanses the temple by driving out the animals and money changers. And then defends his actions by offering his accusers a sign by which He will be revealed as the true Messiah.

CG Questions

  1. What was the function of the temple? In what ways did it point to a future reality?
  2. How did David show himself zealous for God’s house in Psalm 69:7-11, 30-31? How did Jesus show himself zealous for God’s house?
  3. Why did the practice of selling animals and exchanging money in the temple anger Jesus so much?
  4. Is there anything in your life that society would praise or find acceptable but God would condemn? If so, what?
  5. What is significant about how John is helping us understand what Jesus said?
  6. What does Jesus replace the temple with and what are the implications for us, present day disciples of Jesus?