Jesus' Views on Religion

Jesus had made several remarkable claims about himself and his Father. Is there any proof that Jesus is who he says he is? Today we will discover that the evidences are irrefutable that Jesus is the Son of God!  

CG Questions:

As Jesus provides proofs for the claims he is making, what attribute of God is shown here?
Jesus says that he mentions John the Baptist “so that you may be saved.”  Why would John’s testimony be instrumental in salvation?
What “proofs” does Jesus provide that he is doing as the Father instructs?
Jesus acknowledges that the Jews search the Scriptures, yet they don’t understand that the Scriptures point to Jesus.  How could they miss that?
Finally, Jesus pulls out the big guns.  In the minds of 1st Century Jews, what was so important about Moses?
How will Moses be the judge of the Jews?
Which (if any) one of these “proofs” that Jesus provides in these verses were instrumental in you coming to faith?
Which (if any) of these “proofs” do you find helpful when sharing your faith with others?