Keep Your Heart With All Vigilance

In Proverbs chapter 4, Solomon wisely exhorts us to be vigilant to keep our hearts on the path of wisdom. He does so because he knows we live out of our heart; the heart is the key to our life, everything we do flows from it. And there are powerful messages competing for our heart's attention and affection, seeking to shape our beliefs and change us. Therefore, we must keep, indeed, guard our hearts with alertness and thoughtfulness.

CG Questions

  1. Two paths are described in our text. What parts of your life are following down the foolish path and need to be redirected? What steps need to be taken for this course correction?
  2. What lures you off the path of wisdom? What messages compete for your heart's devotion? What should we do when we find our feet slipping off the path?
  3. What observations have you made from time in your life on the wise path and on the foolish path?
  4. Ask yourself, do I have a new heart? What do my struggles reveal about my heart?
  5. What does Proverbs 4:23 teach us is the key to how we live our life-the way we think, talk, act and live?
  6. If only the pure in heart will see God (MT 5:8) and our hearts are not pure, what is the solution put forth by God?