Killing Our Pride

In the presence of growing divisiveness and factionalism within the church at Corinth, Paul addresses the issue fueling it all- the Corinthians' pride. Using sound reasoning and at times biting sarcasm, Paul equips the Corinthians with the tools and resources necessary to kill their pride.

CG Questions:

  1. Why is pride so dangerous? How does it manifest itself in your life?
  2. What’s the danger in viewing church leaders as anything other than servants and stewards?
  3. What are the mysteries of God that Paul is referring to?
  4. How should grace change our self-perception, outlook on others and identity?
  5. For those that follow Christ, should we expect our best life now? Should we expect life to be easy? What does Paul say his life is like?
  6. How can you kill your pride and grow in grace?