Lest We Forget

This Father's Day we examine God's call to fathers to teach their children the glorious deeds of the Lord and his commandments. As father's we are primarily responsible for teaching our children God's Word. Our goal is not merely the transmission of facts but knowledge of God that leads to a love for God that directs our children to put all their hope in God.

CG Questions

1. Why does Asaph describe some of his teaching as the "dark sayings from of old"?

2. What comprises the content of material that we should teach our children?

3. Why is it imperative that fathers teach the next generation? If they don't, who will?

4. What are common reasons father's fail to teach their children God's Word?

5. How does knowing the law of the Lord and his deeds lead to obedience?

6. What things compete for our children's affections, allegiance and hope?