Life Together

In Acts 2:42-47 we are provided with our first summary glimpse at the interior life of the early church. While not an exhaustive description of the local church these verses do provide us with a wonderful vision of vibrant, loving and hospitable Christian community - the kind of community that all Christians should strive to see realized in their own churches, homes and neighborhoods.

Discussion Questions

  1. Churches should be places of vibrant spiritual growth. Share an example of this from your life or someone else’s in the church that you find encouraging.
  2. When has the church met a need for you (physical or spiritual), how did this impact you? Work to be a means of blessing to someone near to you this week.
  3. We saw in our text that many people came to faith in Christ through the vibrant, loving, gospel witness of this Christian community in their midst. Discuss ways you could use your home and normal daily activities to provide a space where outsiders can encounter the love of Christ. For practical helps on this topic read "The Simplest Way to Change the World” by Willis & Clements.