Love the Lord Your God

This week we study the heart of the covenant, the greatest commandment in all the Bible. In Deuteronomy chapter 6, Moses instructs Israel in what it means to love God and be devoted to him alone. And he commands that they be diligent to teach the generations after them the character, redemption and commandments of the Lord. 

CG Questions

What are various translations of verse 4? And what do you think Moses is communicating about God with these words?
Why is the command in v. 5 considered the greatest commandment when it is not included in the 10 commandments?
How can you love God?
What are the evidences of love for God in your life?
What does God expect of parents and why?
What messages are you sending your kids now by your attitude, interactions and relationship with Christ and his church? Are your children learning from you that Jesus is life and more valuable than everything in this world?
How would you answer your child when they ask “Why do we have to go to church?” Or “Why do we have to read the Bible?”