Declared King

The description of Jesus' earthly mission to this point is recorded in the first 20 chapters of Matthew. The apostle now devotes 8 chapters (nearly 30% of the book) to record the final week of Jesus' earthly mission and it all starts with Jesus' provocative entry into Jerusalem along with an inciting visit to the temple. Provocative and inciting because of the daring declaration Jesus makes: I am your King, I am God, I bring you salvation; not just for Israel, but also for all nations.

Merciful King

As Jesus traveled from Jericho to Jerusalem he was interrupted by two blind men on the side of the road. The crowd responded one way to the blind men while Jesus responded in a different way. The response of the crowd teaches us about human nature while the response of Jesus teaches us about the nature of our King.

Ransomed by the King

Despite his repeated teachings regarding the nature of his kingdom, the disciples fail to understand Jesus and continue to seek power and recognition. In this passage Jesus taught them a different way and foretold how he would ultimately fulfill the way of his kingdom.

Justice and Grace

All of us have a sense of fairness that we carry over into our relationship with God. This subjective view of 'fairness' blinds us to the grace and mercy of God. Do we want God to be fair or gracious? As we will see in Matthew 20, God gives each one of us better than we deserve.