Judgment Announced, Salvation Planned

In Genesis chapter 6 God determined to judge the inhabitants of the earth through a devastating flood. But he also revealed a plan to save Noah and his family in order to carry out his purposes on the earth.

The Sanctity of Life

This morning, together with thousands of other churches we recognize the Sanctity of Life. All human beings are wonderfully made in the image of God. Tragically, the Imago Dei in children is assaulted every day in the womb via abortion. Ultimately, abortion is wrong because it is an assault on the person-forming work of God in the womb. The church cannot remain silent on this matter. The body of Christ is called to speak for the fatherless and unborn, to defend the powerless and to stand for justice while proclaiming God's Word.

An Ancient Herald in a Daunting Passage

In Genesis 5 we see God’s great patience while sin increases on the earth. And continuing on into Genesis 6 we examine a difficult text and learn from Noah who found favor in the eyes of the Lord in the midst of an unfathomably corrupt and violent generation.

More than Just Names

In Genesis chapter five we read the genealogy of Seth. God provided another child for Adam and Eve, a child through whom God would preserve a faithful remnant that would eventually produce the promised deliverer, Jesus. Although the wickedness on earth was continuing to grow, God was both patient and faithful to his creation.