The LORD, Most Reliable

As Moses once again verbalizes his inadequacies to lead God’s rescue of Israel, God strongly verbalizes and physically displays his total control of the entire mission. This passage presents us a strong example of the God of the Bible: The LORD says what he will do and then does exactly what he says. Despite our broken world, the God of the Bible can be trusted above all; he is most reliable.

Eyes on Him

When Moses and the people of Israel faced adversity at the hands of Pharaoh they fell into the trap of focusing on their circumstances, their enemy, and their own inadequacies. God called them to fix their eyes on him. As the church we must fix our eyes on him by remembering his character, remembering what he has done, and remembering his promises.

A Test of Faith: Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better

After the people of Israel receive God's promise of deliverance, things get immediately worse. Their faith is challenged and pushed to the limits. How do you trust God when everything seems to be going wrong? This week we study Exodus 5 and learn how not to put our confidence in our circumstances, but in God instead.

Assured by God: letting go of fear and trusting God

Moses is called by God to a daunting task. Moses' fear leads him to question God and hesitate. Gracefully, God supplies his every need and Moses is served and strengthened through biblical community.

A Sufficient God and a Reluctant Prophet

Having been prepared and humbled by God, Moses is called to deliverer Israel from Egypt. Moses is fearful and questions his ability to accomplish the task. Yet, God reveals himself to Moses in a powerful way and supplies his every need.