Jesus' Identity and Humility

For the third time in a very short while, Jesus foretells his disciples of his impending death and resurrection. But rather than being in awe of this incredible prophecy of resurrection, the disciples are distressed. Shortly later, Jesus is accused of not paying the temple tax. But this accusation arises from not only malice, but also ignorance in regard to Jesus’ identity. Jesus’ response to this accusation demonstrates both humility and his true identity.

In this complicated text, we see the disciples lack of faith in Jesus hindered their ministry and ability to heal an afflicted boy. And a desperate father seeks out Jesus. Jesus powerfully and mercifully heals the father's son. He then teaches his disciples about faith and prayer.

Seeing is Believing

Having expressed a desire to build His church upon Peter and the disciples, Jesus gives them a glimpse of his glory. Jesus confirms his identity through his transfiguration and by God's voice from heaven. Jesus is trying to strengthen their faith, knowing that difficult days lay ahead leading up to his crucifixion.

Following the Suffering Messiah

The disciples had a vision for the way of the Messiah. But Jesus taught them that God’s way was different than their way. The way of Jesus had profound implications for his disciples then as well as for his disciples now.