God's purposes for Man and Woman

In our passage today we see that God had well planned intentions for man and woman when he created them. His careful thought and design of mankind reveals his purpose for us as well. God has expectations for us because he has designed us to specifically accomplish his purposes. God intentionally created us to serve and obey Him with integrity.

God of Rest

This Sunday we will study the seventh day as recorded in Genesis 2:1-3.  The seventh day was different than the first six in that God rested.  God blessed the seventh day and made it holy because he rested from his work of creation.  In this sermon we will consider the significance and implications of this day of rest.

God: The Author of Gender, Marriage and Family

In God's good created order, He has made humanity his image bearers; He has intentionally made us male and female for a reason. God is the author of marriage and one of the good fruits of marriage is the ability and privilege to have children. More importantly, marriages reveal a mystery kept hidden for ages, that is, that our marriages reflect Christ's love and covenant relationship to His church.

Declare His Glory Among The Nations_1

Our great God is worthy to receive praise from all nations and peoples. There are no other gods besides Him. And our role is to glorify Him through worship and proclamation of His salvation and majesty.