How To Prepare For The Lord's Return

In their exchange of letters, the Thessalonians ask the Apostle Paul the question we all want an answer to, when will the Lord return? Paul teaches them that the Day of the Lord will come unexpectedly and that for Christians, our focus needs to be on making ourselves ready for his appearing, not on dates. He further encourages them that they need not fear the Day of the Lord. For some it will lead to judgment, but for them, it will lead to their full salvation and even greater union with Christ.

Reinforcing One Another’s Faith

Worship is clearly centered and directed towards God. However, there’s more to Worship than this. It is not only done corporately, but actually has other Christians as the secondary audience. Understanding this truth helps us have a fuller understanding of Worship. Specifically how we become agents of God’s work to build up one another’s faith.

The Royal Return of Jesus

Paul seeks to comfort the Thessalonians as they grieve the loss of loved ones. Paul shepherds them to allow their faith to inform their grief. Loved ones who trusted in Christ will be raised when Jesus returns in glory. 

A Life Pleasing to God

These verses are an exhortation to this young church–who are doing well spiritually–to continue to increase in the kind of conduct that pleases God in the areas of sexual conduct and brotherly love. While the cultural context and circumstances may differ significantly from our own, there is still much here for the church today.